Nabil Hamadouche

Karim Belkhir

Founded in 2001 and officially established in 2004, Six-o-nine (or Sixonine) is more than just a music production company – it is a label that embodies excellence and innovation. Under the leadership of Nabil Hamadouche and Karim Belkhir, this label has experienced a meteoric rise, marked by the exceptional development of the artist SINIK in the early 2000s. The founders, holding a master’s degree in international business for the former and a master’s degree in accounting for the latter, have been the architects of numerous resounding successes. Their journey has been punctuated by triumphs, including the famous hit “Déconnecté”.

However, their influence extends beyond that; Six-o-nine has also played a crucial role in showcasing internationally renowned artists such as Lartiste and L’ALGERINO, producing indispensable albums like “Fenomeno” and memorable hits like “Sur la tête de ma mère“. At the heart of the music scene, Six-o-nine stands out for its commitment to artistic excellence and its significant impact on the music industry. By spotlighting exceptional talents and shaping iconic works, this label continues to leave an indelible mark on the musical landscape, making it an essential pillar for music enthusiasts and industry professionals alike.